How To Make San Francisco Mountain Biking Better

1. Create a legal off-road shared-use sustainable trail loop network in Golden Gate Park.

2. Work Toward Acceptance of the Linked-Loop Off-Road Trail System in the San Francisco Bike Plan. As of summer 2009, this concept is gaining traction within SFRPD.

3. Establish a McLaren Park multi-use trail system. This work has now begun. Click here for details on volunteer days. This is a special opportunity for SF mountain bikers to work directly with SFRPD on trail improvements in McLaren Park.

4. Establish a Mt. Sutro trail system. THIS GOAL HAS BEEN ACHIEVED!! As of early 2007, there is now a multi-use trail network on Mt. Sutro. Click Here to see the map. Click Here to see volunteer trail workday information. Also see Mt. Sutro Stewards.

5. Create more dirt trail bike and pedestrian connecting greenways. The needed greenways are:

--Stern Grove to Mt. Davidson
--Mount Davidson to Twin Peaks
--A bike trail from Ft. Funston in San Francisco to Skyline Ridge (at Hickey Blvd.) in Daly City.

6. Build a complete, multi-use trail which goes through from the bottom to the top of Glen Park. Currently one can bike on limited trails in the lower section but there is no mountain bike-suitable trail to go the full length of the park. There is an unofficial and unmaintained hiking trail which makes walking the length of the park difficult yet possible. A professional and lasting trail could be put in here if there were the will and the money to do so. Glen Park is the natural connector for three other and separate mountain biking regions: Twin Peaks, Mt. Davidson and John McLaren Park.

7. Create a Legal Presidio Trail System.
The Presidio has so much potential!!! There are lots of amazing trails which already exist within the Presidio. Nearly all of them are explicitly (with signage) closed to bikes. The hiking-only trails in the park are illogical and random and don't even provide for continuous hikes. If a multi-use plan were developed for the Presidio to create a thoughtful trail system for hiking and mountain biking the place would be incredible! Imagine if you could seamlessly ride from Golden Gate Park through the Presidio, across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the Marin Headlands. This amazing idea would be possible to achieve if the Presidio's patchwork of trails were carefully rethought and sustainably built.